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Nagito Komaeda is a primary character in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and became a resident of Jabberwock Island after waking up from his coma due to his luck. He had the talent of Ultimate Lucky student before falling into despair and later returning to the real world. His personality traits are hopeful and self hatred.


  • "I'm dating hajime hinata! " -VINNY<3
  • “With everyone working together under such a splendid leader, we'll be able to overcome any difficulty!”
  • “For someone like me to be useful to you, and to even receive your words of gratitude... makes me happy.”
  • “I just want to believe in hope, you know?”
  • “Do you understand? Hope is a positive force... Everything created by it is an absolute good!”
  • “My ability is nothing more than having good luck... If it's not the result of one's effort, than it can't be used to accomplish something amazing, either. With or without it, the fact that I'm unremarkable being doesn't change. Ahah, it's different from all of you.”
  • “Despair is... like what I am compared to all of you, something minuscule, trivial and worthless!”
  • “All of you posses the qualities needed to be able to embody it... Do you understand? Hope, in other words, is a proactive will and talent... It's an absolute "good" that's brought forth by that! That's why, as long as there exist seeds of hope, I'll gladly kill a person... and gladly die myself. Since right now, my reason for living like this is hope itself!”
  • “You must be really bored to talk to a pest like me...”
  • “No, that's woong.”
  • “There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are born with worth, and everybody else. No matter how hard a lowly human tries, they will never be the same as someone who was born worthy... They say that "effort breeds success"... But that's a complete lie. The world is not that accommodating.”
  • “Personally, I think it shows great courage to try to understand something you don't understand.”
  • “You are definitely someone who embodies hope.”
  • “Your gracious invitation makes me want to cry... There's no way I could decline...!”
  • “I just want to feel grateful for this good luck. I want to be thankful that there's someone who's interested in trash like me.”
  • “Nobody's ever complimented me on my appearance before! Not even my own mother!”
  • “Now then, Hajime. Will you battle against me?”
  • “Hahahahaha! Let's commit the crime together so despair can become the foundation of hope!”
  • “Two hopes clashing with each other is poetry in motion! That... is what a class trial should be!”
  • “Oh, I'm so happy I'm getting goosebumps! Everyone actually needs help from scum like me!”
  • “Not everyone cooperates at a class trial... those who lie and conceal the truth will obviously be here too...”“C'mon, let's take all this despair and change it into hope!”
  • “Absolute hope that can break through any despair can never lose in a place like this!”
  • “It's not just luck... it's true my talent is trash but I'm still the Ultimate Lucky Student, you know?”
  • “After all, the only good thing about me is how lucky I am.”
  • “To protect hope, I will do anything.”
  • “I shouldn't make fun of Hajime. Deep down, I always wanted to become a protagonist myself...”
  • “I believe my actions will become the foundation of this world's hope. And... if that really happens...”
  • “No matter how big the despair... hope will always win in the end.”
  • “The deeper and darker the despair... the brighter and powerful the hope born from it.”
  • ''hope'' *cums*

Nagito Komaeda, the ultimate lucky student, is a high schooler who had gotten trapped in a killing game. His background story is not very fortunate. He was in a plane that was hijacked with his parents inside. A "fourtunate" event happened at that moment. His parents got killed by a meteor that also killed the hijackers. Nagito, with his luck, survived.


Byakuya's body was found under the table in the dinning hall. Hajime and Nagito investigated together. In trial, Nagito gets so hyped up on the students being hopeful, he laughs, looking insane.


Mairu's body was found in the beach house. Nagito was tied up, and was later let free by Usami (AKA Monomi). Nagito collected clues and helped in the second trial.